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GBConv 1.0 released, a free tool to translate chinese websites. Translate from Traditional chinese to Simplified Chinese and vice versa.


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GBConv 1.5

GBConv 1.5 is a free translation tool for Internet Explorer. Install GBConv as a plugin then you can convert Simplified Chinese web page into Traditional Chinese, and Traditional Chinese web page into Simplified Chinese. Run GBConv and the chinese tranlation is done in a second !

(1) After installation, you will see two more menu items when you right click on a web page. Say you are browsing a simplified chinese page. If you are a reader of traditional chinese, it is time to call up GBConv for help. Select to convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese.

(2) Without a page reload, the whole page will immediately be translated into Traditional Chinese. This program also works for converting Traditional Chinese web pages into Simplified Chinese. This is a free tool, try it out now !
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